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Kerri has her port and is back home from Mexico.
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Kerri Jarvis has been struggling with a neurological disorder called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) since October 2004.  What was thought to be a simple stress fracture in her left heel has become a life threatening and fast-developing neurological disorder that has affected every part of her body.  RSD causes a wide range of problems including excruciating chronic pain, severe sensitivity to touch and vibrations, swelling, bruising, paralysis, fainting, and difficulty with breathing.

On two separate occasions, Kerri has been rushed to the hospital totally paralyzed and unable to speak.  Each time, it took months for movement to return, and she never completely recovered.  She has dealt with limited breathing capacity, and the RSD has caused her to suddenly faint and collapse with memory loss.  While Kerri's paralysis strikes without warning and is frighteningly unpredictable, the pain is not.  The constant burning pain never goes away.  Kerri never knows from day to day whether she can try to keep busy to take her mind off the pain or whether she will be unable to even get out of bed.  She currently has a lot of difficulty moving her left leg which has resulted in her needing a wheelchair full-time.  Her GI tract is very sensitive, and eating and drinking are very painful for her.

Prior to 2010, Kerri went for countless hours of physical rehabilitation, nerve blocks, and low dose ketamine treatments. Thanks to the amazing outpouring of financial and emotional support of family, friends and community, Kerri was able to travel to Monterrey, Mexico in March, 2010 for the ketamine coma procedure. She spent one month in the hospital under the care of Dr. Fernando Cantu. Kerri recovered to the point where she could return to college and walk again. Generous contributions for Kerri’s medical fund made this and a return trip to Monterrey in July, 2011 for necessary follow up surgery and high dose ketamine boosters possible. Unfortunately, she is no longer able to receive low dose boosters here in Philadelphia, which are vital to maintain her health improvements. Kerri needs to return to Monterrey this summer for high dose boosters and surgery to implant a port to allow her to continue to receive booster treatments.

This is not covered by insurance, and in the United States, it would cost over $30,000.  The estimated cost for Mexico is $15,000.  Kerri needs your help with raising the funds to make this all possible!  Her family has saved some of the money, but they need more to cover the rest of cost!  Please give today! 

The Jarvis family sincerely appreciates your kindness and support.


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Kerri and Dr. Cantu

Kerri and her sister, Erin, on Erin's 16th birthday


 Erin and Kerri meeting Paul Vogt during a trip to NYC for a special MRI